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Zuzilite Lamps – Lighting experience with a difference

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Not until there is a power outage do we realise how everything that we do in our daily life is hugely dependent on power supply. And how almost all commodities of our daily use need electricity to be able to work. Regardless of how smart these new devices are, they all are rendered useless without power. It is in those bouts of darkness that we come to know how important a source of light is to our survival as well as sustenance of human life. It is when you are away in the wilderness that the importance of a candle, a lamp or a bulb becomes clear. The makers of this new product that is the Zuzilite Lamps hope to do their bit to make life that much more easier.

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The first thing to draw your attention when it comes to the Zuzilite is the different hexagonal shaped design, soft lights & transparent base. And thanks to how pleasing it is on the eye, the Zuzilite can quite easily be used as a decorative item to enhance the ambience of any room that it is placed in. This could very well be in the confines of your home or even your office place. This lamp blends in quite easily anywhere and everywhere. To add more zing, the Zuzilite is equipped with thousands of LEDs where you have the widest range of colours to choose from. Bear in mind that these lights can be dimmed or brightened according to the demands of the occasion.

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The Zuzilite Lamps are also compact and can be quite easily detached from the charging station which essentially makes up the bottom or the base of the lamp. So it is easy to carry around with you when you are travelling to far off places. That it can be used till upto ten hours on the trot means it does not need charging too frequently. The charging options are plenty as well for the Zuzilite charges just fine and the inbuilt USB port is compatible with most powerbanks, phone chargers and even car chargers. All you need is a USB cable and you should be all set. It takes about six hours to fully charge the ZUzilite lamps.

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Which brings us to the Zuzilite App which one feels is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, you have some good options like being able to control the lamp by touch. Another good feature which one has already mentioned above is the ability to customise colour, contrast and brightness of the LED lights that dot the Zuzilite Lamp using this App. But those are the good parts for there are others which one could have done without. The App gives users access to lots of interactive games that have been designed for the purpose of entertainment. Somehow one cannot understand how a bunch of games can add any kind of value to a lamp, let alone entice a potential customer to buy the product. An App in the case of the Zuzilite can perhaps have been avoided.

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Must conclude this with the best part about the Zuzilite Lamps which is the very affordable price of $49. But having said that one must also add that there is nothing to be overtly excited about this product. Either in terms of the utility value that it brings or in terms of the innovative features on offer. Can safely give this one a miss, one thinks.