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Vello Bikes – Biking technology at it’s best

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Very rarely do you get a new product that is perfect in every aspect. In fact, most products go through a certain cycle of evolution. First thing that needs to be done is proper research and adequate planning to understand market requirements. Not everyone can afford to spend years doing this and that is why a lot of startups have a faster learning curve which is mostly based on user experience and feedback. Which makes it necessary for enterpreneurs to keep chipping away patiently to make the good better. Without letting their heads drop while treating every failure as another lesson learnt. But every once in a while comes a product that gets it all right and hits all the right notes. The makers of the Vello Bikes have achieved just that with their brand of electric bikes that is sure to charm a whole new generation of bikers.

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The best thing about the Vello Bikes is that it makes smart use of a magnetic self locking system thanks to which it is incredibly easy for a biker to fold it in a matter of minutes and take it anywhere. Just like that. It also helps that the Vello bikes are very light weighing below 12 kgs. A standard size travel bag (read Samsonite) will do just fine. So if you are off on a trip to Europe, where one can experience the real pleasure of riding an e-bike, you can tag along the Vello Bikes. There is the additional option of rolling the folded Vello Bikes on it’s wheels if you feel like it. If you are someone who stays close to your place of work, you can just take off on your Vello Bike (it hits a top speed of 15 miles per hour) and once you reach your workplace, just fold it up and tuck it neatly under your desk. How cool is that?

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The makers also make great use of Kinetic Energy Recovery System in designing the Vello Bikes thanks to which you need not worry about charging them on a long ride out in the countryside or even in the wild. In layman’s terms, it is a way of storing kinetic energy in the bike’s inbuilt battery. This energy is automatically generated on a ride while braking and/or pedalling. The 250 watt motor which is integrated in the Vello Bikes allows you the option of reaching your destination in double quick time if the need be. And as opposed to the usual electric bikes, pedalling is pretty easy even if the power assistance is turned off. And there is a plethora of accessories that you can add to customise your Vello bike. Carriers at the front and the back, mudguards, reflectors all over the bike, kickstand and above all the powerful LED lights at the front of your Vello bike to make your riding experience fun yet safe. Come day or night.

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One has been wary of the fact that most new products that hit the market come with a mobile friendly App regardless of whether the App adds value to the product or not. In fact many times, the App ends up complicating matters further but that is not the case with the Vello Bikes. The App allows users to have GPS facility that as we all know is a priceless asset to have especially when one is trekking or hiking in places where it is possible to get lost. With nobody to turn to help for miles on end. Other cool features include the option to lock the rear wheel making it extremely difficult to steal. The Vello Bikes come with powerful Caliper brakes, totally adjustable height and with a ten year warranty on the frame and the fork.

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Must end this review with all the praise one can muster for the Vella Bikes. Priced at $1900 with some really great features, the Vello Bikes are a must have for every bike aficionado. Without a shred of doubt.