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VAVA Dash Cam – The accessory that every car needs

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When it comes to products, they can be broadly categorised into three. The first category belongs to those products which are a necessity. These are needed by everyone in their daily lives. No matter who you are it is pretty much impossible to survive without your daily necessities. The second category includes lifestyle products. These products may not really be a necessity for some but for others they are an integral part of their lifestyle. Then there is the third category of niche products that one desires, products that are the last word in comfort and luxury. You may not always be able to afford these products but hey, it would be great to own them. Under which of these three categories does this new product called the VAVA Dash Cam come? Let us see.

Picture this. Your work or the business that you run requires you to travel across the length and breadth of the city every day. Since public transport does not ensure last mile connectivity it is easier to drive around in order to get the job done. It is a separate matter that most of our cities are chock-a-block with vehicles not just during peak hour but for most part of the day and sometimes in the night as well. So it is quite normal to have run-ins with other commuters while trying to make it through chaotic traffic. In such a scenario, the VAVA Dash Cam can be a handy companion. The VAVA is is fortunately not large and clunky. Instead it is tiny and discreet yet quite sleek to look at. So you need not worry that it might look tacky in your brand new SUV. On the contrary it will add to the cool factor. Getting it up and running does not involve any overtly complex installation either.

Once the VAVA is ready to use make sure to download the VAVA mobile App to your smartphone. Because the App adds a lot of utility value to the VAVA. For the VAVA records all the action that happens on the road, as it happens. But it is the interactive App that lets you playback anything and everything that is recorded right away on your phone. In the event of any unfortunate incident taking place while you are out there on the road driving the App allows you to see what exactly happened on the phone. Using the VAVA Dash Cam’s Wifi channel, you can even transfer this footage using a microSD card to your phone. And here is the clincher. The VAVA has integrated on to it smart motion sensors that will automatically take a video every time it senses unusual applying of brakes or a sudden impact with another vehicle. Nothing you need to do, no button you need to press even.

You need to note that all captures are played out by default at a resolution of 720p which can be changed to play at an even higher 1080p resolution. That is high definition. On top of it there is a GPS module embedded into the App  that gives those going on a road trip an added edge. Navigating new routes becomes that much easy as well as making customised trip logs, complete with photos and videos. On top of which you can share this stuff live to all possible social platforms of your choice. The VAVA also comes with a remote that allows to click photos with just one touch. Since the lens are of infrared quality, they will not get affected by low visibility. It has dual USB ports and acts as a powerbank that can charge your smart devices if the need be.

To conclude, must mention that the VAVA is priced at just $99. Which is great value for money. For every car owner.