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TAB bags – The last bag you will ever buy

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Think about the different types of bags that you have. To begin with, there are two kinds of travel bags that most of us make use of. One is for short term excursions and the bigger one is obviously for when you are away from home for a longer period of time. There is the more formal office bag that usually contains a laptop & other office ready documents. Then there are the bags that are specific to the activity undertaken, a bag for your visit to the gym, the tennis courts and/or the beach. Apart from this, there are bags that might be specific to your hobby or occupation. To elucidate using examples, there is the trekking bag and bags for professional photographers. And we are not even getting into suitcases. And like it or not each of these bags have their own intrinsic merit so they cannot be done away with. But what if there was one bag that could serve all these purposes? Well that is what the new brand of bags called the TAB promises.
The TAB, short for The Adjustable Bag is named quiteaptly. Which in itself is a pleasant surprise for many new products have names that are not only not catchy but have little to do with the product or service on offer.And one says it is aptly named because the TAB bags can expand to accommodate more items or as easily contract if the needs are less. On top of this, the innovative design ensures that the TAB bags are completely collapsible. Part of this features allows for the straps to be completely removed which allows you to easily fold and take the TAB bags with you, just about anywhere. Depending on what your requirement or need is, it is possible to convert the TAB Bags into three broad sizes, small, medium or large. Now the makers take great pain to explain the various benefits that come with a bag like the TAB that can change form according to your whims and fancies. One obvious benefit is while travelling. Many people venture on a trip with a bag but on the way back, purchasing and shopping extensively could mean one bag becomes two or even three. With the TAB bags in tow there will be no need to buy a new bag or even carry a spare bag along with you on the trip. The TAB bag is made us
ing materials that are of high quality – from waterproof zippers that are lockable too to a durable hardware that makes the bags rugged. And yet unlike some rugged bags that tend to be heavier in weight, especially the ones used by the military on which the TAB bags are modelled, are very light in weight (about half kg) making them easy to lug around.

More praise is due for the design that allows for three top handles on a TAB bag which means that no matter how you are carrying the bag the balance will always be maintained. Whether you are carrying it in the hands or over your back. A nice little touch is the use of neodymium magnets for making the closing mechanism smooth and hassle free. The only trouble with all this is that nowhere is it clearly explained as to how the makers were able to make the TAB bags so easily collapsible and adaptable. There is only a vague mention of some ‘cinch system’ and little else beyond it. Before ending, one must mention that the TAB bags are priced quite reasonably at just $89 and if this bag is actually as flexible and customisable in real time, it would be worth it. More than.


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