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Steadicam Volt – Ready, steady, shoot

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Before the Steadicam came into being in the late 1970s, to ensure smooth and jerk free shots, many professional photographers not excluding film crews made use of a platform with wheels which typically rode on a track or sometimes on a smooth surface even. They were popularly called Dollies. The trouble was that the Dolly came with severe limitations in lieu of it’s shape and size. They are not easy to work with in tight and/or narrow spaces. If you have a shot along a staircase to be taken, the Dolly is ruled out again. Again on floors that are not really smooth it can be quite a challenge to employ a Dolly. Not to mention that these Dollies can be quite heavy and bulky too. The only other option was to have hand held cameras. But even the best in business cannot ensure that there will be no shake, at all. The Steadicam being as stable as any good tripod, as smooth as a Dolly and still flexible enough was destined to be a huge hit. The latest from the makers of Steadicam is the Volt.

Over the last few years traditional cameras have been gradually   losing out to smartphones that come integrated with cameras. Even as the cameras that come with newer smartphones have got progressively better. So much so that some of the new phones like to call themselves as ‘camera phones’ and not surprisingly many users are opting for them over stand alone cameras. And the people at Steadicam realise this fully which is why they have come up with the Steadicam Volt designed exclusively to work with smartphones. Of pretty much every make,size and type. With or without the case. Though there is a lot that there is to like about the Volt what must count as it’s biggest plus has to be it’s superb design. It is compact enough to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand yet is very sleek to look at. On top of which the Volt is designed to be easily collapsible making it the perfect accessory for those who are constantly on the move.

The other striking feature of the Volt is the use of Haptic technology, something that has been seen in flight simulators and in interactive video games. Haptic control makes use of mechanical stimulation to recreate a sense of touch. This leads to simulated inertia thus making it easy to film precisely what you want while at the same time making it simple to handle the gimbal. The shots captured are as steady as any that those shot using the full-fledged Steadicam rigs. If you are not an amateur who has not ever used a Steadicam before, do not fret. The Volt offers two operating modes, one for beginners and the other for professionals. So that you can learn more about the Volt as you use it more. Apart from this, there are two other customised modes that can be availed, Sports Mode and Movie Mode.
There is an App designed to make the user experience as personalised and intuitive as possible. That it weighs about a pound at most means you will not feel the strain even a long day of lugging it around. Though the batteries of the Volt are good enough to last a good number of hours, it works manually as well. Much after the batteries have gone down. And there is Bluetooth technology enabled on the Volt making it easy to transfer and share your videos instantly.Will end with the price of the Volt which is $139 and this is not the retail price which is likely to be higher. The Volt has quality written all over it. An accessory that you must have for your smartphone.

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