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South Greenville – Let us help impart education to all

School for the needy and the have nots

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One of the fundamental rights that citizens of most countries (if not all) have is the one that concerns #RightToEducation. Yet very few of us actually understand how vital this is in the larger scheme of things as a result of which we rarely demand this, of the governments that we elect to represent us. Not surprising then that governments especially in the developing countries never really shoulder this responsibility. Take the example of India where in most states government run schools, colleges (and hospitals) are in a bad shape. As a result many prefer admitting their wards in private schools which, to nobody’s surprise, are usually owned by the politicians themselves. Trouble is that the fees required to admit your kid in one of these private institutions is on the higher side and not everyone can afford that. So what is the way out or should one say forward? Schools like South Greenville are the hope.

Located in the state of #NorthCarolina, the #SouthGreenvilleElementary school has been making headlines for all the right reasons. When #MichaelBonner, voted as the best teacher in the school appeared on the popular talk show, #Ellen he told the charismatic host Miss Degeneres about his unique experiment with imparting learning to second grade students. Where he was able to use a combination of inspiring rap music along with uninhibited dancing to get kids interested in what he was trying to teach them. Which was anything but easy for most students at this school came from humble backgrounds where making ends meet was a daily challenge, getting two square meals in a day was not easy and some of these poor kids were even homeless. Education was the last thing in mind. It had Ellen completely in awe and impressed enough to start a fundraiser to give the school all her support.

It is important to note that #EllenDegeneres is no stranger to charity work. She is an actress, singer, talk show host among other things. Besides all these various talents the one attribute of hers that stands out is as a humanitarian. There is reason she won the #People’sChoice #HumanitarianAward. In her show running for a decade and a half now she has given away a mindboggling $50 million dollars to causes she believes in. Going purely by stats, Ellen has helped raise funds to the tune of 12 million dollars for breast cancer, over ten million dollars for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina and more than twenty million dollars to those persons who appeared on her show and bared their heart on it. Like Michael Bonner of South Greenville Elementary who makes #EducationalRap videos to get his impoverished students to love what they are being taught. So Ellen’s intervention will make a big difference.

Retail giant #Walmart have joined hands with Ellen Degeneres to try and make it possible for the South Greenville Elementary to have all the requisite facilities that an institution committed to quality education must provide. To it’s students who are themselves living in abject poverty and are constantly worried about where their next meal will come from. Or where is it that they will sleep for the night. These are the harsh realities that these kids have to face. Day in and day out. So it would not be right to blame them for being generally disinterested in pursuing education. If those daily struggles are taken care of and the children are made to understand that education is the only way for them out of the tough lives that they are currently leading. As with most such endeavors there is a lot of work that needs doing. And the least you and I can do is to ease some of the financial woes for them.



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