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Smartduvet – Beds that know about all your needs

For the pleasure of sleeping the way you want

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 What is it that you would love to do after returning #Home from what has been a thoroughly exhausting day at #Work? Taking a bath is one thing a good many people do like doing, where some folks prefer taking a quick #ColdShower and others like to have a long #HotBath. There are those who would prefer to listen to some nice #SoftMusic and/or have a drink or two perhaps in order to sooth the frayed nerves. One knows of friends who like to go for a quiet #ShortDrive with their loved ones to a quaint little eatout for dinner. This is to change the #Monotony of daily life so that it becomes easier getting back to the same rigmarole the next morning. Few folks are the kind who believe in working hard and partying harder which means that they slog all week and let their hair down over the #Weekend only. But one thing that everyone loves to do without exception at the end of a long day is to jump into bed. And get a good night’s sleep for which there really is no substitute. And if the bed is as smart and comfy as this new line of #ModernBeds called the Smartduvet then there is nothing better.

Let us cut to the chase right away. The unique selling point of the Smartduvet is the fact that it is able to customise the user experience depending on which side of the bed you are using. Like it is able to keep one side of the #Bed hot and warm while the other half can be made to be cool and chilled out. Now at the outset this might seem like something unusual. But sample this. In bed, the husband might want to watch TV while the wife might prefer reading a book. Which would need a bed lamp to be on and things only get more complicated if the husband cannot get sleep with lights on. Likewise couples are known to have fights about having the #Fan, #Thermostat and #AirConditioner on/off. So this feature of the Smartduvet is perhaps not such a bad thing after all. The makers call this the #Dual-Zone climate control feature where you can preset a certain temperature manually for both sides of the bed. The whole process using which this is done is what the makers term as #Oxygenation (for the bed, that is)

There are three components that go into customising climatic conditions on your side of the Smartduvet of which the first is actually in your bed. Integrated into the bed is a #SeamlessLayer that works along with your bed and existing bedding. Equipped with small channels that send conditioned air to the side of bed that you want it also has #AirChamber which even makes the bed (??) for you. So a self made bed if you will. Then there is the Control Box which can be kept conveniently under the #SmartduvetBreeze (that is the full name of this product) As the name suggests this device has temperature controlling blowers that are silent so that they do not come in the way of a sound sleep. Alternately you have the option to download and use a mobile friendly App which will do all that the Control Box does. Which includes the option to customise the bed making time (huh?)

Before ending one must mention that this SmartDuvet is priced at two hundred bucks which includes a whole kit with Smartduvet layer, #ControlBox, connector and a #SmartAttachSystem (not sure what that is) and this kit will work for all bed sizes. Here is a product which would not count so much as a must-have as one that would be nice to have.



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The Smartduvet is what every bed needs as it is able to both heat and/or cool your bed according to your needs and if you want to customise it further by having separate temperatures for each side of the bed that is also possible

  • Aesthetics 5
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  • Value for money 5

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