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Silent Partner – Say goodbye to snoring

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One of the newest technologies that is being increasingly preferred as a method of cutting down on unnecessary sounds is ANC (Active noise control) What experience has taught us that it is quite difficult to reduce noise if a person is mobile rather than stationary. Also if there is more than one person involved in the process, it makes it even more challenging to keep out all the resulting noise. Using ANC technology, the device’s speaker(s)let out a sound wave that leads to a process termed as interference. As the name says, this leads to the waves both cancelling each other out. In recent times, digital signal processing has been used very effectively to keep unwanted sound in check.


The makers like to call the Silent Partner a smartpatch. This smartpatch is quite light in weight and very small in size making it easy to carry around anywhere. The Silent Partner has a unique sticker made up of a a sticky adhesive that can be used again for upto thirty days. And typically, each kit of this product comes along with about 14 such stickers. You just need to gently secure the smartpatch on your face when you are ready to go to sleep. The smartpatch is totally safe as well as it makes use of acoustic sound that is common to many headphones without letting out any harmful radiation. Though the Silent Partner does vibrate, you are unlikely to feel any and the device also keeps tactile sounds at bay.


A user needs to also understand that this product will only be effective if it is actually worn on the face. As the device needs to be as close to the noise that has to be cancelled out. And in this case, this unwanted noise is the loud snoring. Also it is quite common for people to toss and turn around in their sleep, especially those who snore. Which is why the Silent Partner needs to be worn like a mask on the face. In addition to the ANC technology, the smartpatch uses other innovative techniques to help reduce noise in close proximity (8 inches) to a snoring person. So if your better half has made you bitter with his/her snoring, do not fret. The Silent Partner is here. Now since the Silent Partner sits right on your face, you might wonder if it will fit you. Well, this smartpatch is very flexible and has a certain elastic quality. Meaning that one size fits all.


A bit of a hassle, if you can call it that is the relatively short life this device’s battery has. It is a very basic hearing aid battery that will wear out if and once it is used through the night. Meaning that it will need plugging in the next morning and the morning after. It takes about three hours to be fully up and running. So you better not forget to charge it. Also the battery needs replacing at the end of an year. One needs to also remember that snoring happens due to a variety of reasons due to which no device can claim that it will get rid of snoring fully. Nor do the makers of the Silent Partner who assure users that they will reduce the noise which comes with snoring. That is no less achievement, in any case.


To end this piece, one must mention the price which is $81. If the Silent Partner works and that is quite a big if, then this price will be more than worth it. For it will mean that not just the person who has the snoring habit will benefit but even that person’s partner and/or family will get some peaceful sleep. Night after night. Choose wisely.