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SID 3D cameras – Is this the next big thing in showbiz?

3D cameras that will change the face of storytelling

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  #2010 was a landmark year in the world of cinema, more so in #Hollywood. That was the year in which visionary filmmaker #JamesCameron’s #Avatar released. What stood about the film was that it was in the 3D format and it’s unprecedented success came like a shot in the arm for the entire genre of 3D films. Though #3D films are nothing new having first made their appearance as far back as 1952 audience interest had petered away in the years since. Post Avatar almost overnight films shot in the normal format began to be converted to 3D format before release. But audiences could see the difference for Avatar was conceived, shot and released – all in 3D. Also practically, not every film lends itself that well to three dimensional style of filmmaking. As a result what started out with great fervor has lost steam by now. In such a scenario when the bigwigs seem disenchanted with 3D format films comes a new line of cameras that is designed to shoot films exclusively in 3D. It is called Sid.

The thing that first draws your attention about Sid, the 3D camera is how small it is. Unlike most usual #Stereoscopic 3D cameras that are usually bulky and not easy to carry around, Sid sits quite comfortably in the palm of your hand. Now the reason why most such cameras are larger in size is that the two lens that #Mimic the human eye usually have to be so. Now the makers of Sid insist that they have been able to work this out and ensure that the functionality of the camera to shoot in 3D format remains as good as with the other larger cameras. However this is something that can only be confirmed with actual usage of the product. A striking feature of the Sid 3D camera is that a user can quite simply tweak the video settings (read #Parallax settings) to get the stereoscopic effect that you want. So customising the video you shoot with the required effects becomes doubly easier.

One of the newest fads is to share anything that you want with the whole wide world via #LiveBroadcasts on the internet. It is a great way to also interact with your followers and potential customers in a personalised manner. The makers of the Sid 3D cameras allows you to stream videos seamlessly in three dimension. Goes without saying that this will not work that well unless those viewing on the other side also have the capability to watch the live streaming in 3D. The easiest way to do this is to simply connect the Sid cameras to either of your mobile devices, be it a smartphone or a laptop and you are all set. Other highlights include the options to customise the videos further by focusing more on those areas that are vital using closeups. Then there is the #AutoFollow technology that ensures that all your videos are centered around you, but always.

Another aspect of the Sid cameras is that whatever you shoot can be completely devoid of jerks and shakes that can give your entire video an amateurish feel. It is necessary to attach the Sid camera along with your mobile device to the Gimbal that is compatible with this product. The good part is that the Sid 3D camera has been found to work quite seamlessly with most GoPro #Gimbals. AR or augmented reality is something that the makers reckon as their speciality and this makes your 3D content even more cutting edge and gives it more heft. The makers also mention something called a #WiggleGram which they reckon is the next big thing when it comes to taking photos of yourself. So what is basically done is to take a still photo and make it come alive. However how this is achieved is not made all that clear leaving one slightly in the dark about the Wiggle gram.

To end, must mention that the Sid is priced quite moderately for a camera that promises incredible 3D shoots. And if nothing else for the experience of shooting in 3D this is a good buy.

Product Rating – Utility : 3/5 Value For Money :  3/5 Aesthetics : 3/5 Innovation : 3/5



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SID is a 3D camera that is small enough to fit right into the palm of a user's hand and yet can help you shoot the best videos using AR and also has the ability to stream it all live on the internet

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