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Selfly Cameras – When technology meets fantasy

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A few days ago, Iraqi government forces battling militants to wrest control of the strategic city Mosul reported that the dreaded terror organisation ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have tweaked commercial drones and are using them for aerial bombardment. On the other side of the spectrum come reports of how authorities in the financial capital (read Mumbai)of the largest democracy in the world used the very same commercial drones to secure airspace during lavish Republic Day celebrations. Which again brings into sharp focus unmanned aerial vehicles that are more commonly known as drones. Opinion is divided as to how this name came to being. Some say it was the unique buzzing sound of these remote controlled flying machines. Others says it was named so as a tribute to the Queen Bee. Be that as it may drones have been used for very long by the military and it is only in the last two decades or so that the commercial drones have started making their presence felt. But as explained above, these drones can prove disastrous in the wrong hands. The makers of this new product called the Selfly have made use of the same drone. To what end and for what purpose? Let us see.

Though drones have been around for close to a century now and have been used primarily by the top military forces of the world, commercial drones have caught on in a big time only recently. SUAVs or mini drones started getting used only towards the end of the 1990s. The Selfly has a mini drone integrated on it that makes it ideal for manual operation. Before getting into the merits and demerits of the Selfly one must begin by complimenting the makers for the catchy name which also showcases the unique selling point of this product perfectly. For a good name goes a long way when it comes to brand recall. An important purpose of the Selfly is to be able to give the Selfie Stick a run for it’s money. This accessory that has become wildly popular in the last three years or so has been able to cash in on the obsession that this new generation have for photographing themselves (read Selfie) No less than Time magazine rated the Selfie stick as one of the top inventions of 2014. So the challenge for the Selfly is to match and possibly surpass the selfie stick too.

The Selfly makes use of what the makers call high-end stabilisation technology to create perhaps the first ever autonomous flying camera. And it is multi-functional too. Not only will it function fine as a case for your smartphone but its incredible flying ability makes it the better than the best of selfie sticks. For this not only takes the photos ever but also records HD videos which are temporarily saved to it’s RAM. Similarly, you can use the Selfly App to make sure you have the perfect shot before clicking on the button to take the photo. Additionally, the App helps users control the device while in flight. One is not sure how much of a factor will be the fact that the Selfly weighs about 70 grams as a phone case for your smartphone. The option of live video streaming is another plus with the Selfly at your disposal. The makers intend to make the software used in the Selfly open source allowing developers to tweak it further as they please.

Will conclude this review by mentioning that the Selfly is available at a mere $79 which seems too good a price for what is on offer. Hope the product lives up to the hype.