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Ruggie Clocks – Wake up and smell the roses

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Everyone has their own alarm clock story. Of the horrid alarm sounds that woke us up to signal that it was time to go to school. Or to report for duty. Of how you would hit the ‘snooze’ button and go back to sleep. Only to be woken up again by the same dreary sound. This would go on till one day you got up and threw the alarm piece outside the window. And that was that. Grumpy, irritable and swollen headed is hardly the right frame of mind to start the day, one would think. All due to an alarm clock. The makers of the Ruggie alarm clocks hope to give a whole new twist to the story with this product.


The first instinct of most people who hear the alarm sound when deep in sleep is to reach for the time piece while lying in bed without even opening the eyes sometimes. The alarm clock which is usually placed conveniently within an arm’s distance can be promptly switched off so that you can go back to sleeping. Then there are those folks who have such a deep sleep that they do not hear the early morning wake-up call even though half the people in the neighbourhood have. For all such people, the traditional alarm clock will not serve any purpose. Your friend needs something more drastic, your friend needs a Ruggie alarm clock.


The best part about the Ruggie clock has to be the thought with which it has been designed. The Ruggie is designed like a door mat that will adorn the floor next to your bed. It will not turn off with your hands. In fact, it has been designed with inbuilt sensors which will turn off only one way. And that is if you step out of bed and proceed to stand on top of the Ruggie for not less than three seconds at least. Only then will the Ruggie alarm clock (or should one call it mat?) stop buzzing and turn off. By getting you on your feet, the Ruggie alarm clock is greatly reducing the chances of you going back to sleep again. Some people still will but that is besides the point.


The Ruggie perhaps takes it’s name from the fact that it pretty much looks and feels like a soft rug made as it is of a polyurethane material that is used in mattresses. So the idea is that when you stand on top of a Ruggie to turn it off first thing in the morning, it must give you a nice, warm feeling. The Ruggie serves some other interesting functions as well one of which is of a night lamp. The inbuilt LED light of a Ruggie turns on by mere touch and after staying on for a short duration, turns off automatically thus saving energy as well. So when you step out of bed late in the night either to have a midnight snack off your fridge or to attend nature’s call, you have the Ruggie to keep a watch over you.

In other customisations, it is possible to choose and set your alarm tone from a wide range of messages and tunes. And thankfully, the controls are on the Ruggie itself not on an App, that has to be installed on your smartphone. Also the makers of the Ruggie, Winson have already been part of a product last year that was successfully people funded and they seem to know how to design products that are smart, innovative and good value for money. The makers have thrown in a free ‘E-Book’ which comes complementary with your order though one cannot fathom the merits of that.


To end this, one still feels $79 is a little more than one had bargained for. Yes it looks nice, the idea behind it is cool and it seems like quite a lot of fun. But over priced, it is.