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The comprehensive outdoor sleeping system

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Think rhino (short for rhinoceros) and two things spring to the mind right away. Firstly the sheer size of the animal. Most of these animals weigh well over a ton and as if that was not intimidating enough there is this large horn that it has right in the middle of the face. When it is in a bad mood clearly this is not an animal that you would want to run into. Nor would you want to come across a pack of wolves in a belligerent state of mind. Here is a feared predator that has several legends attached to it. In many of the older civilisations it was revered not unlike a God and how this animal was domesticated by humans has itself become got several myths associated with it. So it does indeed pique one’s curiosity to learn of a product that takes it’s name from these two magnificent beasts. A product called the Rhinowolf.

The Rhinowolf is an outdoor camping option. Staying off the grid and in the wilderness is not easy and even more so if one has to stay for several days/weeks on the trot. There are several essentials without which survival is a daunting task. Top of that list is camping gear that gives you shelter from harsh climes and a place to rest your head when you are tired. Truth of the matter is that somehow these outdoor camping options cannot provide the comfort and intimacy that your bed at home does. Which is why even the most seasoned of outdoor enthusiasts get weary and home sick after staying away for some time. This is where the Rhinowolf aims to be that rare outdoor camping option which will ensure that you never really miss home. In fact the makers insist that once you use the Rhinowolf staying outside is something that you will look forward to.

Rhinowolf is not as much a tent as it is a complete outdoor camping solution. It bring together three components that go into making a comprehensive sleeping system that is good for all seasons. This is inclusive of the tent (but of course) an air mattress and also a sleeping bag. The makers like to refer to the tent as the shell as it makes up the outer part of the Rhinowolf. Like the tough exterior of the rhino, this is made of a durable nylon material that is both wind & rain proof. Smart designing allows a single pole spine design making it quite easy to setup the tent. Apart from which it also affords more room inside the Rhinowolf. And like wolves that work best in a pack the Rhinowolf can be easily connected to other such tents to make one big whole resting place. More the people more the number of Rhinowolf tents. And more the fun.

On the inside you have the easily inflatable air mattress which can be separated from the Rhinowolf when not in use. Inspite of being warm and cozy it is very light in weight. Coming to the sleeping bag it is more like a super snug blanket with a zipper attached. You can choose how thick and warm you want these sleeping bags to be. In case things get really windy there is an option to attach half a dozen anchoring pegs to the Rhinowolf so that it stays firmly in place, come what may. Not surprising that the makers of the Rhinowolf are claiming 100% customer satisfaction. For an year.

Before ending must mention that the Rhinowolf is quite feasible at $300 but do bear in mind that this is much lesser than what the retail price is likely to be. So if you are looking for an outdoor camping option look no further. And book yours quickly.


URL : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rhinowolf-the-all-in-one-attachable-super-tent-camping-travel#/

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This is a Super tent, truly. With a unique design tent, a very comfy mattress and a sleeping bag that is just what your head needs to sleep peacefully this one has it all

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