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Revl Arc – Cameras that are unshakeable

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The evolution of the camera has been been spectacular to say the very least. It is well documented that the first ever cameras were as large as the labs in which they are developed at present. Let alone capture moving images and or/ videos, these cameras themselves were not portable in the first place. Over the last two hundred years, camera makers have been constantly reinventing their products and in the process they have always stayed two steps ahead. Until now, that is. The advent of smartphones followed by their tremendous popularity changed the entire landscape forever. Camera makers have gamely taken up the challenge and in the last few years, one has seen some very interesting innovations when it comes to these products. The makers of the the Revl Arc camera hope to set new trends and break new ground.


A big misconception among many folks is that it is a only a moving image that presents difficulties when one is attempting to capture a particular moment on film. The shaking of a camera is something that is a distinct possibility especially if the shutter speed is slow and if there is usage of zoom lens. In such scenarios, using corrective measures like Image Stabilisation (IS) can ensure that blurring is reduced to a very large extent. The limitation of the IS being that it cannot do much to correct shaking or blurring if it is caused by movement of the object one is trying to capture on film. Also, some of the best action cameras can only do so much when dealing with extreme shaking of the camera itself. Where the Revl Arc proves to be a winner is in the smart design where a motorised gimbal (a tool to facilitate any object to rotate along one axis at the very least) is placed right where the camera mount is.


What a gimbal head does so well is to rotate the camera lens around it’s center of gravity thanks to which camera movement becomes seamless and smooth even while the subject being captured is on the move. This makes sure that there is physical stabilisation along with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) about which one has already made sufficient mention on top. This is what makes the Revl Arc a must and should have for anyone who likes action, thick and fast. And wants it captured for posterity. That it is made of a durable rubber exterior gives one better grip and makes it more safer to use in locations where things can get pretty rough, pretty quickly. The Revl Arc is a camera for all seasons for it is waterproof till a depth of three metres without really needing a case to do so. Inspite of being loaded with so many user friendly features, the Revl Arc is very light weighing just about 170 grams.


Beyond all this, the Revl Arc can do all things that is expected of a powerful sporty camera. You can shoot 4K resolution videos at 30 frames per seconds (FPS), slow motion shots can be taken at 60 fps, time lapse shots at 2 to 60 second intervals, 12 megapixel image sensor, there is built-in automatic gain control and an impressive 150 degree FOV (field of view) The makers also have equipped the Revl Arc with an App that makes use of five sensors that point out what it deems to be the best footage of the entire raw video. This is supposed to assist in automatically editing stuff as well as putting it out online. Somehow one is not as convinced of this feature of the Revl Arc.


To conclude, one must applaud the Revk Arc for making excellent use of technology to give us what is easily among the best action/sports camera of our times. At $399 (if one orders this camera from a crowdsourcing portal) this is as good as it gets.