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Ravean Wallet – The traditional purse got a reboot

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Ask most men what is the one thing that they never leave home without and a lot many of them will perhaps say that it is their smartphone. Not that the answers will differ much when it comes to women because smartphones are something that most of us cannot live without, irrespective of gender. That apart, another answer that is likely to crop up is the good, old wallet. For most men, it is common practice to keep the wallet in the hip pocket of their trousers, compact and securely in place unlike women who usually fancy lugging around huge bags which also contains the purse among many other things. The makers of the Ravean Wallet call it the most functional wallet in the whole world. Let us go ahead and put that claim to test, shall we?

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The first thing that will gladden the hearts of most men is the design of the Ravean Wallet. Unlike most traditional wallets that are typically made of leather this one is made of a carbon fibre material which makes it very durable and extremely light in weight too. That does not mean that the comfort will be any lesser and no, it will not poke you if you are sitting with the wallet in the hip pocket. The Ravean Wallet is also kept completely minimalistic which means unlike other wallets, you cannot keep stuffing it with things most of which are not even required. Make no mistake, the Ravean Wallet is only for your essentials. No two ways about that.


Identity theft is a huge menace that is a matter of grave concern for all of us and in recent years wireless identity theft has reared it’s ugly head. Also known as RFID theft (radio frequency) here the miscreants, also referrred to as hackers use low cost scanners to steal a customer’s sensitive card (credit & debit) information without needing to physically touch the card even. Keeping this in mind, the Ravean Wallet comes with RFID blocking which basically makes it more secure to carry around stuff that is really important to you. But what if the wallet itself gets stolen or if one were to forgetfully leave it somewhere? You have the option of installing an APP on your phone which will help you keep track of your wallet and it can be set to alert you with an alarm in case you are too far away from your Wallet.

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Like most Apps which offer multiple options, this App also gives you some cool ones. For one you can track every item in your Wallet individually. So even if you take your house keys out of the Ravean Wallet and leave it somewhere or worse lose it you can track it as well. The same option can be extended to include your smartphone too. To prioritise your stuff as well as to avoid confusion you can even choose to set separate ring tones for different items. Must say that the makers have made smart use of technology while making this product. The Ravean Wallet might be small in size but can easily hold more than half a dozen of your cards. One other nice touch from the makers is a detachable clip which slides quite easily in a groove that lies between the back of the Ravean and your cards. This can come handy in keeping the money in your wallet in one place, tight and neat.

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Will end this piece with a word about the price of the Ravean Wallets. For $52, you get the Wallet along with all the accessories that find a mention on top. Though based on evidence of what one has seen one is not really sure they are the most functional wallets in the world. The Ravean Wallets are good not great. Period.