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Omnicharge – May the power be with you

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A few months ago, a family member got himself a power bank. It was primarily to charge his smartphones (he has three)and as his work needs him to be on the move constantly, it means one of the devices ends up running out of charge. Recently, when we met at his residence, we complimented his better half for having presented him the power bank. Very thoughtful gesture was the general reaction of all present. The husband nodded his head in approval saying the powerbank had indeed made life easier. Then, with a sheepish smile he quietly made a wish. If only there was a power bank that could charge his laptop too. Clearly he had not heard of Omnicharge.

When battery packs and powerbanks first made their entry, the purpose was indeed to charge cellphones and specifically smartphones. That has been the trend for a while now. Till the advent of the Omnicharge powerbank, that is. The most impressive part of this product is it’s fantastic system of power management. So in real time as soon as you can connect any device for charging to the Omnicharge, it smartly recognises the device and more importantly, the amount of power needed to charge that device. This becomes that much more useful when you connect more than one device to charge on the Omnicharge. The makers have gone a step ahead and added a sleek OLED display on which you can actually see this delegation of power. Not stopping at that, the Omnicharge also tells the user how much more time is needed to fully charge all the devices connected to it.

The other plus of this effective power management is that neither the Omnicharge nor the devices connected to it ever get overheated. Still, to be on safe side especially since this will involve expensive high end gadgets with possibly invaluable data, the makers have put in an automatic ‘shut-off’ option in place to deal with power surge. The Omnicharge has inbuilt AC & DC outlets along with a couple of USB charging ports too. There is even a Universal charging port enabled and all this means that no matter what device you have and what kind of power source it needs, Omnicharge can do the needful. From laptops to solar panels(?) cameras to hanging fans, everything can and be charged with the Omnicharge. Using just about every type of external cord.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, Omnicharge is also able to charge your devices and alongside charge the powerbank too. Where most battery packs have just one circuit module, the Omnicharge has separate modules where one is dedicated only to charging your devices and the other recharges your powerbank itself. No wonder then that the makers have dubbed the Omnicharge as ‘The battery with brains’ Please do note that the Omnicharge comes in two basic versions, Standard and Pro. So do your due diligence before deciding the powerbank which is best for you. One must also mention that the Omnicharge is surprisingly light and very compact making it perfect for any user to carry around without any hassles.

The crowd funded price of the Omnicharge is superb value for money and any user wanting to buy this product must exercise this option only. With so many things going for it, drawing a conclusion about this product becomes quite easy. Simply put, go for it.