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Mosquito Zapper – Lantern with a difference

Use light to zap them mosquitoes right off

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  As someone who stays in a place that has tropical climate one fully understands the difficulties one faces when it comes to the menace of #Mosquitoes. These insects usually thrive in hot and humid conditions better than any other. The #WHO, short for World Health Organisation estimates that mosquito bite related deaths amount to a staggering one million across the world. From #Malaria that is the most deadly of all mosquito bite related infections to #Chikungunya #Dengue and #Yellow fever mosquitoes are the cause for more deaths than any other #AnimalFamily of the world. That most places which are infested by mosquitoes happen to also be some of the poorest regions of the world is not mere coincidence. Lack of proper resources as well as knowledge that is required in order to deal with this mosquito menace effectively are huge factors that lead to these unfortunate deaths. And one says unfortunate because in a day and age when technology has grown to be so advanced, people out there are still dying because of an insect bite. The need of the hour is for cheap and effective products that
can do the needful. Like with this new product. That is called the Mosquito Zapper Lantern.

First things first. The name of the product, Mosquito Zapper Lantern seems quite a mouthful and perhaps the makers would have been better served by a shorter and more catchy brand name. Coming to the Zapper Lantern the entire premise is fairly simple. It is made up of a lampshade that emits ultraviolet light of up to 400 nm and this light will attract the mosquitoes. Once the insects fly into the lantern, the Zapper inside will unleash 1000 V of electricity killing all of them instantly. This is pretty much the same concept on which most bug zappers work. The Zapper Lantern has a few pluses over the typical bug zappers with one being that you do not need to manually operate the #ZapperLantern for it to work. It does all it’s work, all by itself. For which purpose the makers have integrated a hook on the Zapper Lantern to hang it conveniently wherever you like. It could be inside the house or even in a tent while you are camped outdoors. The Zapper Lantern has been designed to suit all your needs.

In what is a nice touch the lampshade is actually made completely waterproof for which purpose a plug that shields the lamp is integrated into the Zapper Lantern. Under the waterproof plug is a handy USB port that can recharge the device and as an alternative you can also use the powerbank that charges your other mobile devices. The user has three modes of lighting that a user can choose from – low, normal and high. Now this can be a useful perk to have especially if you are away in the wild with little by way of resources. In such a scenario the lampshade can last for as many as twenty hours in low light. Plus the inbuilt battery ensures that the Zapper Lantern does not need charging all that regularly. As the Zapper Lantern is just 88 mm by 129 mm in size this makes it really small and compact thus fitting into all travel kits quite easily. The only problem with this product is that the Zapper Lantern talks of using UV light to attract mosquitoes but as science has proved these insects are attracted by the CO2 that we exhale rather than any kind of light, let alone #UV light. So how effective this proves to be remains to be seen.

To end, one must mention that the Zapper Lantern is priced very cheap at just 19 bucks. Now if only it works as well too.



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The Zapper Lantern is the perfect outdoor companion as it provides light for long hours on end and zaps off all those mosquitoes that come to the lantern attracted by the UV light it emits

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