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Monocharge – The future of wireless charging is here

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Paperless transacations and wireless connectivity are two big side effects of the advances we have made in technology in the last couple of decades. And good side effects, one must add there. Likewise when it comes to charging your various devices, the world is slowly yet steadily moving towards wireless charging.

The increasing popularity of powerbanks and charging stations is ample proof of this. The people behind Monocharge aim to change the way wireless charging devices have traditionally worked.

The makers of Monocharge make use of Qi technology, which is growing to be immensely popular with many innovators thanks to the fact that these chargers are compatible with just about every type of cellphone, be it high end smart phones, i-phones or Android phones.


You need not bother to check who the maker of the device you intend to charge is. As long as of course, the device is Qi compatible. This is a great plus for a sizeable number of customers. One are those who are likely to change their device every couple of years which is what a lot of people these days do. And the others are those who own two, three or more devices and there are many such people out there. For them, the Monocharge is true to it’s name. Though the makers have designed the Qi charger and the Qi receiver kit keeping in mind users of Apple products.

It probably explains why the aesthetics of the Monocharge is so basic yet extremely appealing. It will indeed blend quite seamlessly with your i-Phone and Apple Watch too. In fact if and when you pick up your Monocharge, it will also come with an Apple watch charger and a casing that is also designed for Apple products. But the utility value of these devices is so great that these things work as well with all other devices too. For example, the shape of the Qi charger which strikes one initially as weird as it is wedge shaped.

Thanks to which you can actually use the charger like a nice stand to rest your phone in different modes (on-the-go, night stand, kick stand) even when it is not being charged. Move and adjust it according to your convenience and you are all set. Grab that bag of popcorn and sit back on the couch to watch your favourite game or movie.

Also thanks to the fabulous magnetic feature that is integrated on to these Monocharge devices, there is no risk of the devices toppling off as well. So keep your hands free to do other stuff. Now that is a real smart add-on with superb utility value. The Monocharge has got an extra USB port to charge another device if the need be. One hopes that the makers do come up with another version soon which give a user a couple of more charging ports. You do have an option of ordering stuff on a stand alone basis or like a bundled package.

Either way, what you get is great value for money for it comes priced at a mere 79 dollars. Must add that the earliest orders will obviously be the ones which will enjoy maximum discounts on price. Also there is an eclectic range of colours in which the Monocharge is available. So for the ones who are finicky about stuff like that, one would suggest you have a look at the choices online before deciding.

Must conclude this with a very nice feel about the Monocharge. It looks great and has some very great features as well. A big thumbs up to this nice little innovation.