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Monkii Bars 2 – Because health is what is real wealth

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Today’s world is cut throat in sheer terms of competition. Be it in business or the creative fields, there are many people all trying to make their presence felt.

MONKII BARS 2-lightweight

When it comes to innovation as well, no matter how great your idea may be, it is only a matter of time before the next big idea comes along. And makes yours stale and worse, irrelevant. So it goes pretty much without saying that you need to be on top of your game all the time, even stay two steps ahead of the rest of your adversaries. Meaning there is hardly ever a moment of respite and a constant pressure to perform all the time. Which obviously can have a bearing on your health. And if your work needs you to be on the go all the time, then taking care of your health can become quite a challenge. That is where this product, Monkii Bars (version 2) comes in.


The most successful products of all time are the ones which are the most simple. Be it in terms of both the design of the product and also how user friendly it is. If one were to go by that yardstick alone, then the Monkii Bars 2 is already sure to be a big hit. For it consists of two parts only – a pair of bars and a pair of suspension straps.

The bars are themselves made of the same high grade aluminium material that is used in the construction of aeroplanes. It has a very nice feel and grip on top of which it is very light and weighs roughly about quarter kg. And in a smart move, the makers have made it very appealing to look at and use. And as any person who frequents a gym will tell you, fitness & exercising is all about the feel. Good aesthetics is half the battle won. The bars and the strap are both durable and sufficiently tested to withstand rough climes.

That it is very easy to carry around has been clearly established as is the fact that you can set it up just about anywhere, anytime. In a matter of minutes. So if time is money for you, Monkii Bars provides you the value for that money. Take the plugs out of the Monkii Bars and you will find connectors inside them. Just push them out and connect the two bars individually to separate straps. As easy as that. The straps both for the hand and feet are easily detachable.

MONKII BARS 2 — A Gym You Can Take Anywhere

The Bars come in form of a kit with three varied options, the ultralight, adventure and tactical. One would suggest going for the basic version which gives you pretty much everything. Frankly speaking, you are not going to miss much by not opting for the more high end options.

Coming to an important aspect of the Monkii Bars 2 which has to do with the aspect of the training and exercise routine. What if you are not sure how to set things up in order to train effectively? This is where the Mobile App of this product comes in very handy. So much so that with this App, you are able to use manuals, clips and a variety of workout videos which will help you know exactly what to do. And more pertinently, decide on the fitness regimen that is best suited to your and your lifestyle. Once that is figured out and you know what your strengths are, the rest of it is a cake walk. If you are not very sure about how to do this, then you might be better off ordering the high end kits. They come with a step by step guide of how exactly to do things so that it is done right.

MONKII BARS 2-adventure kit
MONKII BARS 2-adventure kit

Wrapping things up, one feels that at just over a hundred dollars ($119 for the Ultralight Kit) Monkii Bars 2 is just what the doctor ordered. To keep you in top shape. And ready to take on the world.

P.S. Can they not do something about the name? It somehow does not feel right.