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Mifold seats – Safe and comfy ride for your kid

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A very common practice among many young parents is to have their kids on their lap while commuting by car, be it long distance or short. This practice then goes till the kid(s) reach an age where they can actually wear a seat belt and fend for themselves. Then there are some parents who shirk off their responsibility by merely having the older sibling keep an eye on the younger one. But as statistics have shown conclusively, whenever accidents take place it is unfortunately it is the child who is most vulnerable. The risk of travelling in a car is always that much more for the kid in the family.


It is important to decide the right seating option for your child and this depends on a variety of factors like age, height and weight. For younger kids, you have the option of using the forward-facing safety seat that is meant for 2 or 3 year olds though it will be only be a matter of time before your kids outgrow these seats. That is when you can opt for the booster seats. As the name might suggest, these seats are used in the back seat to elevate your child to a height that is ideal to position the seat belt over her/him. The booster seats hold the child in place with belts on the shoulder and the lap for the purpose. The makers of the Mifold seats have defied conventional norms with their product.


The first thing that marks the Mifold seats as different is in the way that it works in a real time scenario. So instead of lifting the child up to make the seat belts more effective, these seats hold the seat belt down. This is done using the belt guides at three vital points of the child’s body- the hips, the stomach and the chest. For increased safety, the shoulder belt strap is attached to the back of the seat but the clip gets attached to the adult seat belt’s chest strap. The seats come with three basic adjustable settings – small, medium and large. The material used in making the Mifold seats is aircraft quality aluminium making it tough and durable on the outside. Yet there is also an inner layer of a soft foam fabric thus making them comfy for kids to sit in, without getting overtly hot with use.

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On top of this, you will find that when your kid sits on one of the Mifold seats, it sinks into the car seat thus adding more cushioning. Unlike usual booster seats, the Mifold seats do not have anything that provides side impact protection. But the makers have performed innumerous and comprehensive tests on this product to ensure that the Mifold seats are in accordance with the globally accepted regulations for booster seats. Also these things do not really need any installation and the makers claim that if done right, it should not take more than a few minutes at most for you to get the Mifold seats up and running. The Mifold seats come with an expiry date of seven years from the date of manufacture. These seats cannot be used by adults who are small in size though plans are afoot to use this technology for other products that children use. A big plus for kids is that the Mifold bags come in half a dozen fun and vibrant colours that they can choose from.


To bring things to an end, one feels that the Mifold seats have a lot going for them. The price of just $49 pretty much makes this product a winner. A very small price to pay if it can give your child comfort and safety. On every ride, every time.