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MATW project – Making the community proud around the world

Charity for needy Muslims the world over

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  Not too long ago Islam was known for it’s mellifluous poetry, #SufiSaints and supremely gifted artisans who built some of the most astonishing architectural marvels. But like all religions which go through lows and high phases Islam also is currently(read last century) passing through one of it’s most trying times. Like every religion that has both moderate and radical elements so does Islam and due to a combination of various factors radical forms of Islam like #Wahhabi and #Salafi schools of thought have come to the fore in many Islamic countries of the world. This has led to the rise of terror groups and militant groups who are killing innocent people in the name of #Islam. Which is a shame simply because not just Islam no religion ever propagates violence. These splinter groups have tried to wrest control of power in many countries of the #MiddleEast leading to civil unrest and huge populations have been forced to flee to the West in search of greener pastures. Many have wrongly calling Islam itself as a religion of terror and the need of the hour is for the moderates to come forward to change the narrative. And to restore the faith. #AliBanat is one such shining beacon of hope for the community.

Ali Banat is a half #Palestinian and half #Australian Muslim hailing from #Sydney, one of the largest cities #DownUnder. An enterpreneur of repute, Ali worked hard for his millions and thanks to his business doing very well he had it all. Fast cars, a hectic lifestyle and everything that man could desire. But fate had other plans for Ali and in late 2015 he was diagnosed with cancer. Worse, Ali was told that he had seven months at most left as he clearly was in an advanced stage of the terminal illness. This news changed Ali and his outlook towards life completely. He was able to realise that all the wealth that he had earned could do little to save his life and so was completely useless. In short everything Ali had done in life so far came to nought. This is when he saw the light and was able to find a purpose in whatever little life he had left. He started a project and called it #MATW.

MATW, short for #MuslimsAroundTheWorld is Ali Banat’s way of giving back to the world before he leaves it. It is a project that aims to provide the basic needs of life like food, shelter and clothing to the poorest of the poor in the Muslim community. Though there are thousands of impoverished from the community all around the world who all are in dire need of financial and other forms of aid, Banat decided to start with the vast continent of Africa where he felt he would be able to do his charity work without too many pesky questions asked. And without encountering obstacles to his mission. After all time was one luxury that he simply did not have.

Charity begins at home, it is said. And Ali Banat seems to have taken this literally for he started collecting money by selling all his valuables including his prized luxury cars (#Ferrari included) prime properties among other things. He likes to call the cancer he suffers from a ‘gift’ from God because he felt it allowed him to do something worthwhile for the first time in his life. And this includes building homes for widows & orphans, school for thousand odd students, college for interested male students, sewing college for women, soccer/playing area for children and a medical center with all modern facilities. And it is as part of this endeavor that he has started a charity fundraiser for his MATW project. To support this wonderful campaign is to support humanity. So do your bit. Contribute. And contribute generously.


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