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Litterati – Mobile Apps will never be the same again

This App is a garbage fighting machine

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#Statistics show that all the nations of the world put together generate over a #BillionTons of it annually but truth be told #Garbage is a menace that very few countries are not affected by. Case in point being that of the #US a developed nation that generates a staggering 254 million tonnes of garbage year on year. The country is home to no less than two thousand #Landfills and we all know how landfills are a problem by themselves in the long run. In the poorer, third world countries the situation is obviously even worse. In recent years there have been several measures put in place that have helped #Recycle some of this waste but it is still a very small percentage. This in turn is having an adverse impact on us, the environment and the future of the planet itself. Which is why any innovation in this regard is always welcome. Like this new mobile App, curiously called the #Litterati.

Right off one must confess that one has never been a big fan of #MobileApps and the way these software applications seem to sneak into our phones and mess them up. You need to keep updating them every once in a while, they seem to eat up all the space available and dare you try and delete them. They will cause your phone and all the other Apps to start behaving in a weird fashion. In the same vein one must concede that there are indeed mobile Apps that one cannot do without but they are few and far in between. So it is with trepidation that one views a new product which is yet another mobile App. But fortunately the Litterati is not just any mobile App. It is a mobile App that has been designed with a clear purpose and the explicit intention of taking on the issue of ever increasing garbage.

As the makers explain they are on a mission to create a world that will be free of #Litter and for that they have designed the Litterati with several features that are worth a mention. The idea is to have a global community that is cleaning up the planet via #Crowdsourcing. Which means that your hard earned money will be put to good use and will benefit all and sundry. A crucial part of the whole process is the collection and proper leveraging of data related to garbage. This will help understand how littering happens in any given location, measures that are being taken to address the issue, how things can be improved further and real time information about the impact of various steps. For this In-App Maps that are in the Litterati App will play a big role.

Every place has it’s own unique problems and challenges. Which is why an App like the Litterati will help analyse and choose what is best for that particular area (read location) Factors like weather, topography, environmental impact are all considered when choosing the appropriate disposal mechanism. While looking at local factors there is also the need to look at the bigger global picture. Also a concerted effort is being made to involve everyone from environmentalists to students & even private companies. The garbage menace is not something that can be tackled by one person, community, organisation or country alone. It needs every one of us to pitch in and do our bit. After all this planet belongs to all of us and surely we owe this to our future generations.

Before concluding must mention that as part of the campaign to see the Litterati mobile App go live, you can pledge from as less as $10 to as much as $2500 and in return you can get goodies like Digital badges, totes and eco friendly bags. So go ahead and do your bit to empower the battle against garbage. Time is less and running out fast. Your planet needs you. Now.


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Garbage is a global issue that threatens to spiral out of control and endanger all our lives. Here is technology to the rescue with a multifaceted user friendly mobile App that aims to remove litter from the face of Earth

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