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Lifepack – One bag does it all

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The intrinsic merits of any product or service on offer are what make it saleable. Some products have universal appeal, others cater to a more niche audience. Some products come with a limited shelf life, others last a lifetime and more. A more recent trend among many of the newer innovations is that they are not really innovations in the true sense of the word. They are more like repackaged versions of products that we have all used over the years albeit with a modern touch making good use of technology. The Lifepack bags belong to the same school of thought and aim to make these bags a valuable accessory that you can lug along. Wherever. Whenever.


The first thing that usually attracts your attention when it comes to choosing a bag that you would like to buy is how good it looks. Or does not. The Lifepack scores quite high in that department and looks pretty stylish. Thanks to these versatile looks, it is a nice bag to take along, no matter what the occasion. It could be to your workplace, to a trip whether short or long or even to an all night party. The bag itself weighs just over a kilogram and that includes the weight of the solar panel making it very handy to put your things into.


Coming to the Solarbank, it is quite clearly the best part about the Lifepack and perhaps the inspiration behind it’s name even. It makes the Lifepack a valuable asset that can keep all your smart devices up and running on the go. For days on end and even in places where you might not have complete, uninterrupted access to power. The Solarbank itself comes with impressive features of it’s own. For one, the Solarbank comes inbuilt with two USB outputs, one for charging at normal speed and the other is for charging in double quick time. The Solarbank normally charges to full overnight. But that is something which might not need to be done too frequently as long as you have enough sunlight.


The bag has been very smartly designed with dedicated compartments for each purpose. In fact, the bag is clearly divided into two parts. The upper layer which the makers like to call ‘Life zone’ which is where you can keep all your items of daily use and perishable stuff. The inner layer which is called the ‘work zone’ is that part of your bag where all the more important things that you have, will go in. From laptop to debit and credit cards, to important work related documents and even cash, it can all be kept secure in this compartment. This is the reason why the makers are dubbing the Lifepack as a anti theft bag. Getting through the sturdy material, and we are talking about several layers of fabric as well as foam, is not easy. Even if someone tries to slash through the bag with a knife.


For those who might be wary about the Lifepack being allowed to pass through airport security, the makers have gone on record to explain that they have been able to carry these bags through all of those checks without any kind of hassle. To take along battery powered carry on bags is allowed according to the regulations anyway. The capacity of the bag in terms of litres is around 18 litres. The Lifepack has been priced by it’s makers at a reasonable price of $179.


To bring this piece to a conclusion, one has to agree that the Lifepack has a few aces up it’s sleeve but whether it will be enough to make this a success needs to be seen. For as one has seen in recent times, there are newer, faster and better products hitting the markets all the time. Only a few will survive and even lesser will thrive.