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Jelly smartphones – Good things come in small packages

The smallest 4G smartphone ever

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   Appearances can be deceptive. A large #Restaurant with a great ambience is not always a guarantee of great food. As opposed to which it is quite possible that a small, quaint eatery might provide delicious food that will keep you coming back for more. Likewise the personalised service that one is likely to receive from a small business might make for better experience than the interactions with a multinational company where you are probably just another customer. Of course there are enough newbie businesses out there who do not know Jack from Jill when it comes to providing professional service. Coming to products that are being created nowadays the accent seems to be on #Mobility which automatically rules out large and bulky stuff as they are not easily portable. As a result compact devices and products are becoming the norm. In keeping with the current trend here is a new line of smartphones that is also small, smart, powerful and is simply called #Jelly.

It is no secret that smartphones are calling the shots when it comes to electronic goods & items and the immense popularity of these mobile devices has transformed the entire #Manufacturing industry in more ways than one. That you have #Apps designed to do all your manual work from the confines of your phone has only made smartphones even more valuable. The other plus for smartphone makers is that most users tend to replace their phones every two years or less. So if you thought that demand will drop after some time think again. #Smartphones are here to stay and, to rule the roost for a long time. The challenge for newcomers in the market like Jelly is to be able to make their presence felt in the face of stiff competition. There are so many options out there to pick and choose from that one is likely to get a bit confused. So what is the unique selling point (#USP) of the Jelly phone?

For one it is the size of the Jelly phones which at less than two and a half inches makes it incredibly small. This means this is probably one of those phones that can actually fit in the coin pocket of your trousers alongside your regular bulkier phone and comfortably so. One is not sure how good a thing this is especially for those users who have this habit of leaving their smartphones somewhere and forgetting about it. With these phones being so small they sure are not going to be easy to locate if misplaced. Be that as it may the Jelly phones have enough to keep most customers interested. Like the option to take photos of yourself (read #Selfies) that is very easy with the Jelly phones. Or the fact that the Jelly has a 1.1 GHz processor, upto 2 gigs of RAM and 16 gigs of ROM making for a powerful hardware.

A big attraction with the Jelly phone is the latest, state of the art operating system that it comes with. The fully loaded #AndroidNougat (7.0) on this phone ensures that you are always a step ahead of everyone else using a Droid phone, updates will be super fast and seamless and you will be able to get the best possible internet connectivity if you decide to use the Jelly to go online. Which is why the Jelly is totally capable of supporting the latest 4G internet. The battery backup it provides is not bad at all and once fully charged the Jelly should last you up to three days. And it sure does not hurt that the Jelly phones look very attractive and cute even.

To end must mention that the Jelly phones are priced at as less as $79. So if you are looking to get replace an old one, Jelly is a good choice.



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At just two and and a half inches, Jelly is as small as smartphones come but with 4G internet capability, Android 7.0 Nougat and a powerful hardware this one is a pint sized dynamite

  • Aesthetics 6
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  • Value for money 6

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