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The Jaunt Pack Flex – For all your needs on the go

The multipurpose pouch bag every traveler needs

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History tells us that the Red Indians (the original inhabitants of America much before European settlers made it their home) wore a pouch on their chests via a neck strap and interestingly enough these were referred to as ‘buffalo pouches’ though why they were called that is not all that clear. The Red Indians wore these pouches so that they could avoid sewing pockets into their clothes. But little did they realise that many centuries later they would inspire some of the world’s finest designers to create snazzy satchels (bags strung diagonally over the shoulder) and  hands free bags. In the last century however another term has been used to describe these pouches that are worn over the waist – #FannyPacks or ‘bum bags’ as they are referred to by the British. This new line of pouch bags called the Jaunt Pack is a reboot of the good old ‘bum bag’

There are many reasons why folks prefer these type of #PouchBags over other traditional bags. One practical advantage of these style of bags is that it keeps your hands free to take care of more important things. So for instance if you are a rock climber, a rider or even a professional photographer the importance of having your hands free cannot be stressed enough. The other plus is related to the first benefit which is speed and ease of access. Remember those classic westerns where in a shootout the key was in being able to draw the gun. And real fast. These bags are a bit like that. In addition, the makers of the Jaunt Pack are good at this having created the basic version of these very bags a few years ago on crowdfunding portals with some degree of success. The Flex is the most updated version of this.

Part of this updated version of the Jaunt bags is the #FlexBand. This band consists of two parts – on one side of the buckle is the very durable webbing which was part of the original product while on the other side there is a new feature. This is the presence of an easily stretchable component that lends the #JauntPackFlex great qualities of elasticity. This serves two purposes, one being that it makes this product easy to wear no matter if you are a little on the heavier side. This elasticity also means that the Jaunt Pack does not ever cling on too tightly to your body thus allowing you to access all the various compartments & pockets with quite a lot of ease.

Apart from this the new version of the Jaunt Pack has also integrated some classic features that made this product a success the first time around.The interior pocket for keeping your valuables like cards, passport etc, an inbuilt elastic wallet, a compartment dedicated to your cooling glasses and of course the reverse pocket meant for your smartphone so that you can feel the vibration alert. Apart from the elastic feature that allows for those with waist size till 38 inches to use it. And do not fret if it still seems a little less for the makers have made provisions for strap extensions as well. The very unusual and eclectic designs of the Jaunt Pack make them a must-have accessory for anyone who is on the move. Be it to a party or even on short ‘jaunts’ to wherever it is that you want to go.

Will end this with a mention that the Jaunt Pack Flex is priced at a very reasonable $30. That is a good deal for what you will get in return.  For sure.



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