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Insta360 Air – Calling all compulsive shutterbugs

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Crowdfunding platforms are a new rage on the world wide web. Whether you are someone looking to raise funds for a charitable cause or looking for folks to back your dream startup, an artist wanting financial assistance for your creative endeavours or an underprivileged student requiring donations for your higher studies, you can and will find people on the internet who will put their money where their mouth is. As long as you are on the right forum and are able to reach your target audience, you should be all right. Not surprising then that people around the world were able to raise over a staggering $30 billion via the crowdsourcing route. A large chunk of these crowdfunding portals showcase innovation of new products, of which a third usually turn out to be cameras. Multi functional cameras, super small cameras, dirt cheap 4K cameras, water proof cameras..the works. Add to that list the Insta360 Air.

   It goes without saying that with so many cameras of every shape, size and colour being produced this regularly the competition is really tough. In fact it is quite likely that a genuinely good product might get lost in the crowd out there. Is the Insta360 Air that breath of fresh air that will stand out on the strength of it’s own merits? First things first, the Insta360 Air is more of an accessory and less of a stand alone camera in the sense that it has been designed to work as an add on with your favourite smartphone. Though the makers would like the Insta360 Air to eventually become like a virtual extension of your smart devices. The Insta360 Air can actually be attached on top of a smartphone to work pretty much like the web cameras that laptops have.

The Insta360 Air is designed with enough care to keep it extremely light weighing just over 25 grams and easy to carry around. Coming to the camera itself, the Insta360 Air is equipped with a complex stabilisation algorithm that ensures no shots, photos or clips turn out to be shaky or hazy. The very powerful 210 degree dual fish eye lens is a great asset to have, for nothing ever is out of focus. And the fact that the captured stills have a high resolution of 3K and the videos have an equally impressive resolution of 2K. Interestingly the captured images are usually all round in size making it easy to crop and resize any image. The shutter speed is easily adjustable, videos can be captured at 30
FPS (frames per second) with a minimum aperture of F2.4 making this a great all round camera to haveAnother feature that will interest man

y from the new generation is that the Insta360 Air is able to stream all your videos and photos to all your social media platforms. So that you can share things as they happen with the whole world at large. With a mere click on your smartphone thus keeping things as easy and uncomplicated as they come. The makers also give users the option to quite seamlessly convert the captured clips into VR mode thus allowing them to relive the moment all over again. Only hitch is that you need a VR enabled headset & viewer to be able to truly enjoy this feature. Apart from this the Insta360 Air has an interactive App that gives more options to a cameraman especially a professional one. Of which one must mention the instant editing tools as a handy one.

One cannot conclude this piece without mentioning the price. At $125 you get a whole package including the camera, tripod, adapter, mount and transfer cable. In absence of any really substantive features, it will perhaps be the price factor which might tempt users to give this product a shot. Otherwise, one can give this one a miss.