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Hudway Glass – The future of technology is here

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HUD short for Heads up display is a feature that has been an integral part of military aviation since the 1930s and began being used commercially by the 1970s. In fact, the name literally comes from a pilot being able to view all information critical to flying without having to look away from the usual line of vision, up and ahead. While one is flying a plane those few seconds that one loses while looking away can make all the difference between life and death. Before the 1970s were done, HUDs became a part of most commercial aircraft and within a decade, you had the first automobile that integrated HUDs rolling out in the market. Yet in all these years since, HUDs never really caught on. But as technology made spectacular leaps in the last couple of decades, things have changed dramatically. AR or Augmented Reality is a technology that has been integrated onto HUDs. And many believe that this will forever change the way we drive our cars. The Hudway Glass is a new product that makes use of AR powered HUDs.

The word ‘Augmented reality’ is pretty much self-explanatory. To augment is to make something more valuable by adding something to it. In real time, AR technology makes information about a user environment more layered and interactive as well. This it does by adding graphics, special effects and sound effects. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being integrated by makers increasingly in their products to make the user experience more immersive and customised. No better example of this than Amazon’s Alexa that has become an iconic voice service. Similarly, AR can also elevate user experience of a device to another level. The folks most excited by this game developer and makers of smartphones. Imagine a shooting game where you have monsters running around in your living room. In fact, for users of i Phones, AR is nothing new for they have dozens of incredible Apps that make use of this technology.

The trouble with AR is that it is still evolving as a technology. In 2013 American technology major Google came out with what is perhaps it’s most creative
and ambitious product till date, the Google Glass. Unfortunately, widespread concerns over privacy and security of the Google Glass prototype forced Google to put on hold plans for production. But the Headway Glass is an automotive HUD that is a step up from an App that the makers had released to a warm reception a few years ago. The Hudway Glass can turn any smartphone into a HUD. The only prerequisite being that you need to first install an App on your phone that supports the HUD mode. So that a driver is able to get all the data related to his journey right on the windshield. From assisting with directions to negotiating tricky blind turns, the Headway Glass makes driving a pleasure that is remarkably safe too.

While the other HUD options that a car owner can avail are much more expensive. Where you either buy a luxury car (read BMW, Mercedes)where these heads on displays are built into the car itself. Another alternative is to get yourself a portable HUD. The Hudway Glass saves costs for a user by taking out electronic components from the picture and making use of carefully custom made glass. This is a very light yet durable plastic lens whose aspherical shape ensures that the image projected is decidedly larger. Then on top of it there is a glass coating that enhances image reflection. The makers also understand that every car has a different shape when it comes to the dashboard which is why they keep the mount flexible enough. Also the magnets inside the mounts keep them firmly in place.

Before ending one is excited to mention that the Headway     Glass is up for grabs. For as less as fifty bucks. Order yours now and see for yourself if it is worth all the fuss.