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Greta – This brave little girl needs our help

Fundraiser for three year old fighting cancer

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It isthe #Greek physician #Hippocrates, widely regarded as the #FatherOfMedicine who is said to have first used the word #Cancer to describe this dreaded disease. And lest we forget he lived thousands of years ago. Which means that this disease has been around for as long as mankind itself. Yet in all of history there is still no medicine powerful enough to get rid of cancer, permanently. The thing is that cancer is a tricky disease in the sense that it is very difficult to predict whether the patient will survive and if they do, for how many years will it be. And also there are definite chances of it recurring again. There are almost a hundred different types of cancer and each has it’s own unique challenges. The chances of a patient beating the disease completely depend on the extent of damage to the body cells, the age of the affected person and their lifestyle as well. So even if detected at an early and treated quickly, the cancer might still prove to be fatal if the person is quite old. Statistics show that today close to a 100 million people around the world are affected by cancer and that is one disturbing number.

The #Marofke family hail from the city of Calgary in Canada and they have two children. The elder one is a son called Ben and his younger sister is called #Greta. Though Greta had a perfectly normal birth and an initial couple of years where she was in the pink of health, trouble started after her second birthday. The symptoms like having nausea regularly, getting bouts of fever and getting tired too soon were not that clearly indicative of what was to follow. Not surprising this for when ultrasound tests were run to determine the cause of Greta’s difficulties it was found that she had #Hepatoblastoma, a rare form of #LiverCancer that is actually so rare that it is less than one in a million children that gets this condition. In what must have been a heartbreaking moment for parents Lindsay & Steve, it was on the day of her second birthday that Greta started undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the cancer that she was affected with.

For a kid as tender and young as Greta was, she endured the treatment bravely and remained a cheerful child as was her nature. Apart from the severe pain Greta also lost her hair and as she suffered from low immunity she had to be isolated. By March of last year Greta had undergone two major surgeries along with about ten sessions of intensive chemotherapy thanks to which doctors were finally able to beat the disease. Or so they thought. During one of the routine checkups doctors found that the cancer had quite inexplicably come back. With renewed force. And about an year after the first round of #Chemotherapy sessions they had to be done again. Along with which oncologists felt this time what would be needed was a liver transplant. But the search reached a dead end when doctors in #Canada said that such a transplant would not be possible.

Greta’s parents took her to a cancer specialist in #Cincinnati, United States who has prior experience in liver transplants when it came to patients with cancer. Obviously the operations followed by medical care to Greta along with the various types of medicines to be taken do not come cheap. Which is why the parents have started a fundraising campaign online. Greta has shown remarkable resolve in fighting this terrible disease but her courage can only take her thus far. She needs our financial assistance at this very critical juncture to have any chances of survival, let alone recuperation. So what are you waiting for? Please get down to doing your bit how much ever that bit is. Coz right now every bit counts.




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