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A lot of people tend to underestimate the side effects of a bad sitting posture. Most of us think that by not sitting in an upright position, it is usually the neck, the shoulder and back that get affected. Not realizing that there are many other side effects that happen as a result of this. When you slump into that sofa your intestines get pressed inwards too which can result in digestion issues. Then there is the circulation of blood which might get adversely affected if you sit in the wrong posture for long periods of time. At your workplace sitting in a slouching position is a strict no-no and if your employer happens to find you in lazing it out at his expense it will be detrimental to your prospects in the company. Then you have studies done by psychologists that suggest that not sitting upright might lead to a general lack of energy and in certain cases, even trigger depression. Bottom line is that there is nothing good that comes out of a bad sitting posture. Nothing at all. But what can be done if you are already habituated to this? What is the remedy? That is where this new device quite interestingly called the ERGO comes in.

The first thing that comes to mind when one looks at the Ergo device is the truly ergonomic design of this product. Perhaps that is what it takes it’s name ERGO after. The design reminds you of the good old back brace that was part of the formal attire in men. One refers to the back brace in past tense because it is not as common today. Similar to them you have the ERGO resistance bands that are easily wearable. That these bands are elastic in property makes them flexible enough to fit all body types and sizes. What the makers of the ERGO claim is that once this resistance band is worn it will lift your sagging body and keep it aligned in an upright position for long hours on end. What this will also do is to considerably reduce the stress and pressure that your neck, back and shoulder go through. On a daily basis. Before you know it your entire body will straighten itself into the right posture.

The makers of the ERGO recommend that you wear the resistance band for a few hours every day that is from a minimum of an hour to about six hours at the most. They believe this will reduce pain in all affected body parts noticeably as well as improve your health, concentration, energy levels and general well being. Along with this the easily stretchable band allows you to even perform exercises for the affected body parts. These include stretching exercises for the chest, neck, hands, shoulder and of course the back. About the ERGO bands, they are light in weight making them easily portable and resistant to water too. That is not the same as being water proof though. The ERGO bands are designed to better your center of gravity making use of the customised ‘support design’ that cushions the spine. This triggers off a reflex action from the spine acting on various critical points. This includes the mid back vertebrae, the shoulders and the chest.

Before ending this piece one must mention the price of the ERGO resistance bands. At $89 the ERGO is not expensive in the least. Especially if it can get rid of your chronic problems in the neck, back and other body parts. And help you in terms of health in the long term. But it is equally important to consult a professional before committing to the ERGO. We would not want to make things worse than that they already are, don’t we?


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True to it's name, the Ergo is a uniquely designed resistance band that fits all body sizes and can be worn to better your sitting posture as well as provide relief to your whole spine

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