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ASAP Connect – The last hurrah?

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How many of us remember the good old VCR?

An acronym for Video Cassette Recorder, it had the ability to play video cassettes and to record your favourite TV shows on to empty video cassettes.

There was a time not long ago when the VCR was a rage but as new technology ushered in devices capable of doing so much more while taking up that much less space, they have had a premature demise. In keeping with this trend, products and devices are becoming increasingly compact. While ensuring that performance remains the same, if not better. With more and more business happening online, paperless transactions have become the norm. Likewise, wires and cables are becoming a rarity in this wi-fi enabled world. In this scenario, the ASAP Connect cables hope to stem the flow. And buck the current trend.


To be fair to ASAP Connect, they try to address the issue which customers usually face when it comes to using cables (USB cables mostly) The thing that annoys most users about cables is one that they need to go into these smallish ports which can hardly be seen in less lights. What is far more annoying is that the connectors go in only one way meaning that if you accidentally push too hard, you risk damaging the cable, the port on your device or worse both.


The makers of ASAP Connect use a dual reversible connector (the new Type A connectors) to overcome this problem. In other words, no matter which end you connect the ASAP Connect from, you will be able to get connected. The gold plate finishing at the end of the ASAP Connect cables makes this product that much more sleek to look at. The makers are said to be presently giving finishing touches to the Type C connectors which they feel will be the future of USB technology.

The other big plus when it comes to the ASAP Connect is the innovation of enabling a magnetic tip in all ASAP Connect devices. The makers have done a significant amount of homework into making the tip just the right fit. For every phone, be it the Android phones or even Apple phones. Though the tip will vary in design if it happens to connect with an i-phone. And the fact that you have two powerful magnets (N52 Grade magnets reputed to be the strongest in the world) at both the ends means that you just need to bring the tip close enough to the device and it will connect straight away.


No sweat. The cables used are also sufficiently tested in labs to ensure that they are highly durable. So no chance of the tip becoming loose with wear and no, there is no tear. Though it must be added that phones having a protective covering over the USB port are the one type that will not work with the ASAP Connect.


A nice additional option to have is the ASAP Connect Adapter to go with the cables. There are two inherent advantages to this. The first one is that it is extremely easy to alternate between your old cable or ASAP connect by clicking the Adapter on and off. Secondly, the Adapter converts your existing cable to make it magnetic. The ASAP Connect is the second generation of ASAP Dash, the original product that made it’s name as one of the fastest pocket sized charging stations. And like it’s predecessor, the ASAP Connect also has a number of international certifications to it’s credit thus adding credibility which is extremely important for any new product.

In conclusion, the makers of the ASAP Connect have their heart in the right place. Known for being against corporate culture and those who want to give innovators their due place in the sun, they have made the ASAP connect with the same zest and energy. But with cables being phased out slowly, how far will they succeed remains to be seen.